Harry Somers’ LOUIS RIEL

After nine successful performances of Harry Somers’ LOUIS RIEL at the Canadian Opera Company and the National Arts Centre, the performances for the Quebec City chapter of the LOUIS RIEL summer trilogy will begin in a few days. I am filled with gratitude for the gift of the magnificent role of Monseigneur Alexandre-Antonin Taché and for my wonderful colleagues who have so generously shared their talents, heart and soul on this epic story and musical drama.

I am also humbled by the opportunity that I have been given to reprise a role that Canadian bass Joseph Rouleau created in 1967. Monsieur Rouleau has been through the years a voice teacher, a mentor, a constant supporter, a great singing example, as well as being a native of the Bas-Saint-Laurent town of Matane like myself. People to this day wonder if there is something in the salty air of the sea that gave us the basso profondo voice!

It is pure joy to be with all my colleagues in Quebec City and also to be spending some time in that city that I love deeply! Probably afterwards I bring my daughter and I will take her to walk through this beautiful city in her jogger baby stroller. Not to mention that singing at L’Opéra de Québec is always like coming home; it is a gem of an opera company! Hope to see you on July 30, August 1 and 3, 2017 at Le Grand Théâtre de Québec for three performances of LOUIS RIEL!